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Juffair Waterfront

Juffair is an area in Manama (Bahrain) that has been reclaimed from the sea. Juffair extends Bahrain's coastline by 2 kilometers to the east. This new piece of land is being built on in a fast way. Good quality hotels, shops, villas, restaurants and more are being built in large numbers.


Juffair forms one of the tourist spots of the Kingdom of Bahrain. This can be seen in the building of the new Al Shabab Road, a commercial road in Juffair that houses many restaurants and shops, and the luxurious airconditioned shopping malls.


Juffair also houses the offices of the Ministry of Islamic Affairs, Central Informatics Organization, Bahrain Society of Engineers and the Bahrain Tribune newspaper.


It is also the place of Bahrain's largest mosque, the huge Al Fateh Mosque, in which is the new National Library.


All Bahrain road calculations are made from the Grand Mosque - Zero Point.


Juffair Manama never sleeps.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque

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